News & Views reports the latest on the resumption of ambassador level talks between the U.S. and Iran in Baghdad. Interview with Dr. Jalil Roshandel, Associate Professor, Director of Security Studies Department of Political Science, East Carolina University. Recap of Democratic presidential debates last night focusing on the candidate’s positions on Iraq, specifically the issue of the US engaging neighbors such as Iran and Syria. Correspondent Ali Farhoodi will report live from Vienna on the start of the second round of nuclear talks between Iran and the IAEA in Vienna.

Roundtable hosts political analyst Alirezah Nourizadeh from London to discuss the latest U.S./Iranian talks and human rights abuses against women in Iran.

Late Edition airs a compendium of recent top stories featuring U.S.-Iranian relations. 

Newstalk hosts Dr. Shahiar Ahi, human rights activist and fmr. advisor to Reza Pahlavi, Nassar Mohammadi, Kayhan-London (polycom booked) and Dr. Alireza Haghighi, lecturer at the University of Toronto, to discuss Iran's foreign policy and today's talks between the U.S. and Iran;student detainees update.