News & Views reports on the results of the Turkish elections; an interview with Turkish expert Prof. Touraj Atabaki from the Amsterdam International Institute of Social History; U.S. and Iran set to talk on Tuesday regarding Iraq; State Department correspondent report on Chinese made missiles found in Iraq; British Prime Minster says economic sanctions against Iran are having an impact and says he will not rule out future action to stop Iran's nuclear program. Congressional report on Senate Iraq debate. An interview with the son of Abdullah Momeni, head of one of Iran’s student movement. He was recently jailed with several other student activists.

Roundtable hosts Radio Farda Turkish stringer Ali Javanmardi to discuss the results and implications of Sunday's parliamentary elections.

Late Edition reports on the Turkish elections.

NewsTalk hosts human rights activists Roya Toloui, human rights lawyer Lily Mazahery and Human Rights and Policy Group's Elahe Hicks to discuss the latest on human rights in Iran.