News and Views: has the latest on US Bush Iraq, US Bush Cheney, Turkey Election, German Turkey, China Talk. Guests for the program are Dr. Ali Reza Nouri Zadeh by phone and Dr. Bahman Aghaii Diba in Studio. Roundtable:

Roundtable: examines Iranian-Turkish relations with Prof. Reza Taghizadeh, a lecturer on Iran and Persian Gulf security at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Late Edition: A non profit organization in Washington, DC is exposing more than 100 websites run by jihadist organizations but hosted by internet service providers in the U.S. The Middle East Media Research Institute is publishing the websites on its own internet site, in the hope that the U.S. companies will voluntarily eliminate the sites -- some of which teach violent activities and urge terrorists to attack. Guest for the program is Roshanak Bigonah, Iranian American author and translator, Newton, Massachusetts, she is the editor in chief of "poetry Book", she is one of the most successful Iranian American figure in the US.

NewsTalk: hosts Dr. Bahman Aghaii Diba and Mr. Ali Afshari. The subjest of discussion would be review of latest Iran events which covers human rights, executions in the country, status of detained students.