News & Views reports State department reaction to the airing of the second part of the Esfandiari/Tajbakhsh interviews and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's trip to Syria. Congressional report examines the reactions of Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA), Chairman of Nonproliferation and Terrorism subcommittee, and Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL), author of the legislation that calls for extending current sanctions to any entity that helps provide gasoline to Iran, to so called confessions of Iranian-Americans, second round of US-Iran talks, congressman Kirk legislation, and Turkey's investment in Iran's South Pars gas field. A preview of this weekend's Turkish elections with VOA correspondent Nazzy Beglari reporting from Turkey and former Washington bureau chief of Dar Al Hayat, .

Roundtable hosts Mohsen Sazgara, Human Rights activist and Harvard researcher, to discuss the taped interviews aired on Iranian television of academics Haleh Esfandiari and Kian Takjbash.

Late Edition leads with a story on U.S. ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker's testimony to the Senate this week.

NewsTalk hosts University of Berlin researcher Mehran Barati, political science professor Shayan Samaii, and VOA congressional correspondent Siamak Deghanpour to discuss the latest news in U.S. foreign policy towards Iran.