News & Views covers the impending airing of the forced confessions of two Iranian Americans. Dr. Ervand Ebrahamian, Professor of History at Baruch College and an expert on forced confessions by the Islamic Republic, joins us. We air a package concerning recent execution orders in Iran with interviews from 2 activists and 2 family members of those awaiting execution. We’ll also mention reports that Iran has halted the execution of a teenager who murdered an alleged drug dealer. Political science professor Dr. Nasser Entasser discusses the recent IAEA agreement on Iran and the recently announced second round of U.S.-Iran talks on Iraq. 50 Kurds celebrating the anniversary of the 1989 death of a Kurdish leader are arrested for protesting the Iranian regime.

Roundtable hosts former Iranian ambassador to Bahrain Reza Ghasemi to discuss Iranian foreign policy with respect the Persian Gulf states.

Late Edition examines the role of NGOs in the international arena (part II).

NewsTalk covers the forced confessions of Iranian-Americans being detained in Iran with political analyst Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh and Harvard Researcher Mohsen Sarzegara.