News & Views: Iran's foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki said on Tuesday his country saw a "high possibility" that a second round of talks between the United States and Iran would take place in the "near future." Negotiators to talks on ending North Korea's nuclear ambitions have arrived in Beijing to work out the next steps in the process and to prepare for the six-nation talks that begin Wednesday. Christopher Hill has been having bilateral meetings with the group. Congressional report on discussions in the Senate yesterday about withdrawal from Iraq, and how to contain an Iranian threat if a withdrawal should take place. Two Iranian airlines have shut down due to disorganization and mismanagement. Reports on how Iran’s oil crises is affecting: ambulance’s ability to get people to and from hospitals, the ability of vehicles to get bodies from morgues to cemeteries, the livelihood’s of cab drivers and truck drivers. Interview with Dr. Nasser Entasser, political science professor at the University of Southern Alabama on the recent IAEA-Iran agreement.

Roundtable hosts VOA political correspondent Jim Malone to discuss the American political process and the upcoming '08 elections.

Late Edition airs a VOA report on non-governmentmental organizations (NGO) and the debate over whether they serve humanity or simply "puppets" of foreign states.

NewsTalk hosts human rights activist Parviz Dastmalchi and Kayhan-London's Nasser Mohammadi on the latest news inside Iran.