News & Views: Iranian state-run television showed the first footage of two detained Iranian-Americans on Monday, promising more images in the coming days. The video showed Haleh Esfandiari and Kian Tajbakhsh separately, both located in what appeared to be residential homes wearing civilian attire. The Iraqi police acknowledged Sunday that 24 Iranians who had been detained for entering the country illegally and using fake passports had escaped from a prison on the Iraqi side of the porous border. U.N. nuclear inspectors verifying the shut down of North Korea's nuclear reactor. The US says it expects six-nation North Korean nuclear disarmament talks to resume next week in Beijing. Iran's parliament has passed a law severely restricting political advertising during campaigning for next March's election.

Roundtable hosts political film maker/documentarian Reza Alamehzadeh to discuss his work on documenting the abuses by the Islamic Republic.

Newstalk discusses the latest on Iranians human rights abuses with human rights activist Roya Toulei, Radio Farda's Elahe Hicks and Dr. Batoul Azizpour, a poet and researcher. A phoner from human rights activist, Mr. Azizam, from Turkey will also be included.

Late Edition reports on a recent Heritage Foundation conference on U.S.-Iran relations featuring American Foreign Policy Council's Ilan Berman.