News & Views reports on President Bush's morning press conference updating the situation in Iraq. The US Senate unanimously backs a measure censuring Iran for what it said was complicity in the killing of US soldiers in Iraq, intending to send a stern warning to Tehran. Day two of the IAEA meetings in Tehran. French President Nicholas Sarkozy meets with EU High Representative Javier Solana. Exclusive interview with a spokesman for the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, as well as an interview with a Norwegian journalist, on their government's condemnation of the stoning of a man in Iran. An interview with an Iranian journalist and civil society activist Omid Memarian on Women's Rights/Human Rights via satellite from Berkley, Calif.

Roundtable hosts Marina Nemat from Toronto on her new book, Prisoner of Tehran: A Memoir.

Late Edition examines a proposal by leading U.S. scholars for a "soft partitioning" of Iraq.

NewsTalk hosts energy expert Rob Sophani, journalist Elahe Bograt, & journalist Homa Sarshar to discuss the latest news in Iran concerning economic developments; oil and gas sectors.