News & Views leads with Pakistan Security forces besieging a radical mosque in the Pakistani capital captured its top cleric Wednesday as he tried to sneak out of the complex. A report on claims that Tehran and IAEA are to draw up a Modality Plan to resolve Iran's nuclear standoff within 60 days. Iran has taken a “time-out” and a suspension of its nuke program off the table, and now says it is taken practical steps to resolve the outstanding issues. Activists should not try to change Islamic laws relating to women's rights, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday.

Roundtable hosts economist Siamak Shojai to discuss a wrap up of recent economic news in Iran including the gas rationing crisis.

Late Edition reports on the latest from London on the terror plot investigation.

NewsTalk hosts journalist Elahe Bograt, World Resources Company consultant Bahman Agha Diba, and environmental expert Hamid Arabzideh discuss environmental problems in Iran.