News and Views: has the latest on Britain Glasgow, Spain Bomb, Iraq, Bush Putin, Mideast Pol. Guests for the program are Dr. Nouri Zadeh by phone and Mr. Anvari in Studio.

Roundtable: Roundtable hosts energy expert Mansour Kashfi to discuss Iran's gasoline crisis, Dallas, TX. k

Late Edition: Hong Kong marks 10 years of Chinese sovereignty on July first. The city remains a capitalist economy and its people enjoy civil liberties denied to citizens elsewhere in the country. But Hong Kong today is fighting for its position as China's financial hub against competition from growing mainland cities such as Shanghai. This report takes a look at Hong Kong's economic future. For the past decade, Hong Kong has been ruled under a "one country, two systems" formula designed to give the territory a wide degree of autonomy. This package is a look at how things have changed for the people of Hong Kong over the past decade.  

NewsTalk: NewsTalk hosts writer Cyrus Amoozgar by phone from Paris and economist Dr. Hassan Mansoor from London ( polycom) to discuss the latest news from Iran including the gasoline crisis. k