News & Views reports on the violent protests in Iran following the rationing of gasoline. Several gasoline stations were torched. President Bush addresses the Washington Islamic Center. Great Britain proposes UN sanctions plan targeting Iranian shipping. Congressional report on Iraq debate; Senator Lugar and Voionovich comments. Press Club event featuring fmr. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and her comments regarding the 1953 coup in Iran. NY correspondent covers an Amnesty International vigil outside the UN today calling attention to the Iranian-Americans being held in Iran. Interview with Mr. Nazim Omar, the Kurdish regional government's representative in Iran, who'll discuss Iraqi President Jalal Talabani's visit to Tehran. Phoner interview with one of the Iranian economists who recently signed a petition to Ahmadinejad criticizing his handling of the economy. "Inside Iran" interview with a Tehran Polytech University student who was attacked and beaten for protesting the arrest of eight fellow students.

Roundtable hosts Nadereh Salarpour, niece of Mahasti, the legendary Persian singer who past away yesterday in California. We'll examine her life and career.

Late Edition reports on the new declassification of CIA documents uncovering decades of covert activity.

NewsTalk examines Iran, its neighbors and the region with particular emphasis on the crisis in the Middle East and fighting between Fatah and Hamas wings of the Palestinian people. Guests include journalist Alireza Nourizadeh (London polycom) and Harvard Researcher Mohsan Sarzgara.