News and Views has the latest on Iraq Anfal, Iran Nuke, Mideast Cabinet, IAEA NKorea, Mideast Summit, Lebanon Violence. Guest for the program is Dr. Nouri Zadeh by phone. Roundtable:

Roundtable examines the escalating censorship problem in Iran with Reza Moeni, a researcher with Reporters without Borders. We also examine the case of Mehrnoush Solouki, a dual French/Iranian national filming a documentary in Iran and living in Canada, who has been prevented from leaving Iran by the Interior Ministry.

Late Edition  has an interview with James Phillips of Heritage Foundation on Iran's economy. NewsTalk:

Newstalk hosts writer Cyrus Amoozgar (phone), Harvard researcher Mohsen Sarzgara on set, and Dr. Merhdad Khansari (London Polycom). Topic: Iran's foreign affaris, and latest news.