News and Views: has the latest on IAEA/Iran, Japan Hill, Iraq, Afghanistan, US Guantanamo, US Vietnam, Israel hostages. Guests for the program are Dr. Nouri Zadeh by phone and Mr. Bahman Aghaii Diba in Studio.

Roundtable: examines the "revisionist" history of former Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh with Dr. Jala Matini, editor of the Persian Studies Journal Iran-Shenasi" and Dr. Hamid Akbari, director of the Mohammad Mossadegh Leadership Fund in Northeastern Illinois University.

 Late Edition: The top story is Cartoon Trial, guest of program is Ms. Mahvash Azir, Iranian-American singer. NewsTalk:

News Talk: reviews a roundup of significant news of the week including the Iranian-IAEA talks and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Omert's visit to Washington with VOA's congressional correspondent Siamak Deghanpour and business consultant Shayan Samaii on set.