News & Views previews this weekend's talks between Iran and the IAEA over its nuclear program. North Korean nuclear talks. NATO attack kills 25 civilians in Afghanistan. U.S.-China talks touch on Iran nuclear issue. Congressional report on admendments to the Department of State Appropriations bill concerning the sanctioning of companies providing assistance to Iran's nuclear program. House votes to revive Iraq Study Group panel. Inside Iran interview with an Amirkabir student. Phoner from our stringer in Germany on the Parliament issuing statements of condemnation against Iran in light of the new Human Rights Watch report on the execution of children in Iran.

Roundtable examines the issue of Iranian refugees and World Refugee Day with refugee expert Ms. Roya Kashefi from London.

Late Edition examines a new poll of Arab and Jewish Americans which suggests both groups support active U.S. involvement in order to end the conflict in the Middle East. The poll was commissioned by The Arab American Institute and Americans for Peace Now.

NewsTalk discusses the latest news on Iran including Iran's role in the Middle East crisis, human rights and Iran's nuclear program. NED's Ali Afshari and University of Berlin researcher Dr. Mehran Barati. Dr. Kambiz Mahmoudi, our service chief, debuts his new segment, "On the Record".