News & Views has the latest on Iran, Palestine Violence, Meeting Cairo, Iraq Gates, Paris Conference 2007. Guests for the program are Dr. Nourizadeh by phone and Mr. Osanlou and Mr. Kouhestani Nejad; also and Mr. Aghaii Diba in the studio.

Roundtable explores Iranian - Afghani ties in light of Talibans' resurgence with Malali Joya, a former member of the Afghan Parliament and a women's rights activist.

Late Edition: Mr. Shahid package from Paris on "ARASH DERAMBARSH", a young french Iranian running for the French national assembly elections. Guest: Maryam Seyhoun, Los Angeles, Owner of "seyhoun Art Gallery" in Los Angeles.

NewsTalk reviews the week in U.S. foreign policy towards Iran with VOA's Siamak Deghanpour and business consultant Shayan Samaii.