News & Views reports more on Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson's remarks at the Council of Foreign Relations urging more nations to sanction companies doing business with Iran. Secretary Condoleeza Rice reassures PA President Mahmoud Abbas that he has the full backing of the U.S. in light of the ongoing Fatah-Hamas struggle in the Palestinian territories. Inside Iran interview with the brother of a student jailed for speaking out critically against the Iranian government. Obituary of former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim.

Roundtable hosts Dr. Nasser Yeganeh, an economics professor at the University of California, Irvine to discuss the growing economic crisis in Iran and its political implications.

Late Edition examines the controversy over the security barrier in the West Bank dividing Israelis and Palestinians.

NewsTalk hosts National Endowment for Democracy's Ali Afshari and human rights activist Abdul Kareem Larhiji to discuss the week's most significant news from Iran.