News & Views reports on the Afganistan's defense minister disputing State Department assertions that there is "irrefutable evidence" that Iran is supplying arms to insurgents in Afghanistan. Iran issues more threats to reduce cooperation with the IAEA. Report from the UN on the possibility of a multinational force being sent to quell the violence in Gaza. President Bush's meeting with congressional leaders on Iraq policy.

Roundtable hosts Iranian political activist Shahryar Ahi on the conference of Iranian opposition groups meeting this weekend in Paris. Mr. Ahi is the chief organizer of the conference.

Late Edition airs an original interview with American Enterprise Institute's Richard Perle on the future of democracy inside Iran and last week's Prague meeting on democracy.

NewsTalk hosts journalist Elahe Bograt, energy expert Rob Sophani, and jounalist Homa Sarshar on the latest news concerning labor strikes in the south of Iran, women's rights and political infighting inside the Islamic Republic.