News & Views has an original report from Prague where an international conference on security and democracy is underway; interviews with attendees from the Iranian community. Congressional report on a House resolution calling for the release of Iranian-American detainees. G-8 Summit report from Germany. GOP presidential candidates weigh in on Iran policy at last night's debate. UN report on Iraqi refugee situation. Phoner interview with former Afghan Interior Minister Ali Jalali, on Iranian/Afghan relations.

Roundtable hosts researcher, author and Iranian PEN association member Dr. Batool Azizpour to discuss the role and status Iranian intellectuals before and after the Islamic Revolution.

Late Edition airs a report previewing the G-8 scene setter.

NewsTalk hosts journalist Alireza Nourizadeh, Iran Press Service Safa Haeeri, and Bijan Kian Member, Board of Directors, Export-Import Bank of the United States to discuss the G-8 Summit, its connection to International Iranian policy, sanctions against Iran, and the "soft hostage" issue.