News & Views reports on President's Bush wish to increase sanctions on Iran. A phoner interview with Professor of Sociology at Cal State-LA, Dr. Kazem Alamdari, on whats behind the recent rash of "soft hostages". A report from the UN on recent comments by the deputy Secretary General on the ongoing Arab-Israeli tensions. A Washington art exhibit of Iranian artists is profiled. A stringer report from Germany where a meeting of the Iranian Republican Congress is meeting.

Roundtable hosts Dr. Karim Lahidji, lawyer and vice president of International Society for Human Rights in Paris, who will discuss the rash of “soft hostages” being taken by Iran and the crackdown on women’s dress in Iran.

Late Edition reports on ongoing violence in Lebanon.

NewsTalk reviews the week in significant Iranian news with NED's Ali Afshari and Kayhan London's Nasser Mohammadi.