News & Views reports on the IAEA report which says Iran is not in compliance with UN resolutions demanding a suspension of its nuclear enrichment program. An interview with Janet Afary, an Associate Professor of History and Women's Studies and an affiliate Associate Professor of Political Science, at Purdue University. Dr. Afary discusses the imprisonment of Haleh Esfandiari and the recent wave of arrests or detainment of several Iranian-Americans. A discussion on the recent arrest of a Sufi leader in Northern Iran. State Department dismisses Amnesty International annual report on international human rights as a "political document".

Roundtable hosts journalist Alireza Nourizadeh to discuss the case of Haleh Esfandiari and the latest Iranian-American taken hostage, Ali Shakeri of the University of California-Irvine.

Late Edition reports on the ongoing violence in Lebanon.

Newstalk hosts journalist Elahe Bograt, broadcast journalist Homa Sarshar and energy expert Rob Sophani to discuss Iran's nuclear program and this week's IAEA report on Iran's noncompliance with UN demands to suspend it.