News & Views reprots on the latest IAEA report stating that Iran is beginning to enrich uranium on a far larger scale than before. More on the upcoming U.S.-Iranian talks scheduled in Baghdad for the end of the month. Interviews with fmr. CIA analyst Paul Pillar and fmr. Iranian diplomat Dr. Ali Gernamayeh. Live report from Dubai where correspondent Nazzy Beglari spent time on the USS Nimitz/

Roundtable hosts Dr. Hossein Lajvardi, president of ACI Iran, the Association of Iranian Researchers, to discuss a new report his organization has put out on Iran's youth under the Islamic Republic.

Late Edition reports on recent violence and unrest in Iraqi Kurdistan. Interview with an Iranian-Kurdish leader.

Jeff Gedmen, head of RFE/RL joins Newstalk to discuss his work. Fmr. Information Minister under the Shah, Darioush Hamoyoun discusses U.S.-Iranian relations.