News & Views reports on U.S.-Iran officials agreement to talk in Baghad on Iraq security issues. Washington Report focuses on this story as well as Vice President Cheney’s Middle East tour and his talks with Saudi Arabia. Report from our correspondent in the Gulf, Nazzy Beglari, on Ahmadinejad's trip to Dubai. Inside Iran interview with two journalists concering the repopening of two Reformist newspapers which had been closed by the government.

Roundtable hosts singer and activist Nazenin Afshin Jam to discuss her campaign against underage executions in Iran. Currently there are at least 32 minors (under the age of 18) on death row in Iran.

Late Edition focuses on London's effort to combat climate change by restricting carbon emmissions in automobiles operating in the city.

Newstalk examines student unrest in Iran with student activists Manucher Mohammadi and Kourosh Seghati.