News & Views: Congressional report will focus on the House vote on Iraq funding. Thursday House Foreign Affairs hearing on "Stopping the Spread of Nuclear Weapons in the 21st Century," which will focus on Iran. Vice President Cheney says during his tour of the USS John C. Stennis in the Persian Gulf that the world will not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons and dominate the region. Magazine editor Hormuz Hekmat discusses a story his magazine wrote on legendary Iranian poet Simin Bebahani.

Roundtable hosts Manuchehr Sakhaiee, a Los Angeles based musician and human rights activist, to discuss his work and the problem of human rights abuses in iran.

Late Editions airs a report on the Muslim community in Detroit. Live interview with psychologist Azita Sayan on the difficulty faced by Persian families and couples.

Newstalk discusses this week’s University unrest with student and teacher protests in Iran. Student activist and National Endowment for Democracy Fellow Ali Afshari joins the discussion along with Cal State-Los Angeles' Dr. Kazem Alamdari, a sociologist.