NewsTalk discusses the latest in Human Rights in Iran with Radio Farda's Elahe Hicks, Human Rights activists Roya Toloui and Victoria Azad.

News & Views reports on the latest on Iran nuclear program, including comments from Secretary Rice. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Malaki meet to discuss violence in Iraq. Disagreement between U.S. and Iraqi officials over the building of a wall to separate Sunni and Shia communities. An interview with Ms. Dawoodi, an Iranian women's rights activist in America who has just been sentenced to two years in prison by an Iranian court. An interview with the lawyer for a Radio Farda reporter being detained in Iran. A report from France on that country's presidential elections.

Roundtable opens the phone lines for a special "viewers' voice" program.

Late Edition leads with a story on the tensions between Turkey and the Kurdistan Workers Party, the PKK, whose military has been staging cross border attacks against Turkey.