NewsTalk hosts Voice of America's Siamak Deghanpour, Kayhan London's Nasser Mohammadi and Republican party activist Shayan Samaii on the week's headlines in U.S.-Iranian relations: Secretary Gates' trip to the Middle East. President Bush comments on Iran. Latest from Iraq.

News & Views will cover Ali Larijani and Javier Solana talks over Iran's controversial nuclear program; a report from Paris on French election; Indian-Iranian military cooperations; U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates' comments on the Iraq war and the recent announcement by Iranian officials that they would crack down on women who do not observe the Islamic dress code.

Roundtable hosts student activist and student of international security Farbod Talaee on Iran's efforts to project its influence in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Late Edition hosts Nicholas Guilak, an Iranian-America actor, who has played supporting roles in a number of television series and movies in the United States. It will take a look at NBA playoffs and challenges of college education. It will also cover the French presidential election and the Iraq war in its news segment.