NewsTalk examines teacher unrest and recent demonstrations by teachers in Iran. Panelists include Mr. Nasser Mohammadi, Editor, Kayhan-London, Taghi Mokhtar, editor in chief, The Iranian newspaper on set and a phoner from Hami Takhavi, spokesman for the Independent Teachers Union in Iran.

News & Views has the latest from the VA Tech massacre. Congressional report on a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the state of the Marines and Army and their capability to handle missions of the next two decades. State Department report on the meeting this week of the "Advisory Committee on Democracy Promotion." "Inside Iran" interview with a student activist.

Roundtable discusses the case of Kozamini Brujerdi, a cleric imprisoned for his beliefs on the separation of Islam and politics with journalist and political analyst Alireza Nourizadeh.

Late Edition reports more on the massacre at Virginia Tech.