NewsTalk hosts Saman Zarifi, Research Director Human Rights Watch, Maryam Memarzadeh of Freedom House, and Hossein Bagher Zadeh, Human rights activist and commentator discuss the latest human rights situation in Iran and claims by an Iranian official recently released by U.S. authorities in Iraq that he was tortured.

News & Views Washington Report is live from the State Department where we'll have the latest on Iran's nuclear program with comments from Under Secretary for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns and IAEA head Mohammed El-Baradei. An "Inside Iran" interview concerning two female journalists who are being detained in Iran and five femal journalist who have just been summoned to court. A live report from Congress on the latest from the ongoing debate over the Iraq war.

Roundtable hosts Mohsen Barghandan, a political activist and journalist from Los Angeles, discusses Iran's nuclear program and facilities in Bushehr.

Late Edition airs a report on business opportunities in Iraq's Northern Kurdish region. An interview with Farbod Talaie, Iranian political analyst on the aftermath of the Iran-Britain detainee crisis and British media reaction.