Newstalk discusses Sivand Dam and its environmental impact on Persian antiquities. Panels include Iranian historian Shokoor Mirzadegi, architect Mohsen Badayi and political researcher Cyrus Saify.

News & Views has reaction from UN Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, on Ahmadinejad's nuclear announcement. Nazzy Beglari interviews NYU professor Noah Feldman on U.S.-Iran relations. Latest on Iraq violence. Phoner with University of California-San Diego professor Babak Rahimi on Iraq's sectarian violence. A stringer report from Pakistan on the Musharraf government reaction to a recent ABC News report that the CIA has been secretly funding an anti-Iranian Sunni militant group, Jundallah. The U.S. military has denied involvement with the group.

Roundtable host Georgian Court University School of Business Dean Siamack Shojai on Iran's economy and the impact of economic sanctions.