NewsTalk discusses Iranian President Ahmadinejad's press conference on Iran's nuclear program with Dr. Bahman Aghaei Diba, consultant, World Resources Company, Nasser Mohammadi, editor, Kayhan-London and Elahe Boghrat, a freelance journalist in Berlin.

News & Views reports on remarks by President Bush on Iraq this morning. Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki is in Japan today where that country has agreed to lend Iraq more thant 850 million dollars to bosst the country's oil output. Maliki is saying now is not the time for troop withdrawal. Today's "Washington Report" focuses on international reaction to Iran's nuclear announcement.

Roundtable hosts Dr. Hadi Zamani on the impact of economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

Late Edition reports on Russian concerns about a new arms race over the U.S. proposal to put a new missile defense shield in Eastern Europe.