Newstalk examines Iran's security strategy and its regional implcations with Mehran Barati, researcher, University of Berlin, Hooshang Aryanpour, freelance writer and Hassan Mansour, Schiller University, London.

News & Views airs an exclusive interview with fmr. UN ambassador John Bolton; an original report on the harassment of Ba'hai children in Iran and an interview with the Ba'hai representative at the UN. Latest from Iraq. Phoner from Paris stringer on French media coverage of Iran.

Roundtable hosts  Ali Limonadi, Director of IRTV, on its 27th year on the air. IRTV has the distinction of being the oldest Persian television network in the U.S.

Late Edition features a package on efforts to counter Islamophobia in America. Live interview with  Iranian-American filmmaker Keyvan Mashayekh.