NewsTalk will focus on Iran and Oil. Panelists for the program includeHossein Ebneyousef, President International Petroleum Enterprises; Hassan Mansoor, Professor of Economics of Energy, Schiller International University. Hassan Mansoor will appear via Polycom/London.

News and views has the latest from the current crisis with the capturedBritish sailors in Iran. The program will have comments from Ministers of E.U. countries on the situation. Also on tonights program, Nazenin Ansari reports live via Polycom from London On her interview with Barry Marston, British Foreign Commonwealth official. Nazzy Beglari reports live from NewYork on the UN statement on the British Soldiers captured in Iraq.

Roundtable hosts Nader Sadighi, TV personality. The show will cover Current Events.

Late Edition will have Afsaneh Rassai, singer via Phoner as the show focuses on Iranian music.