NewsTalk hosts Washington Institute for Near East Policy's Mehdi Khalaji, and Dr. Mehran Barati, a researcher at the University of Berlin to discuss this week's Rand Corp. conference "Coping With Iran: Confrontation, Containment or Engagement?"

News & Views has the latest on the 15 British naval personnel seized by the Iranian navy. Live report from the UN where Iranian sanctions are being debated and the latest on Ahamadinejad's planned trip to address the Security Council. Congressional report on the House's expect floor vote on an Iraq funding/timetable bill. An "inside Iran" interview with a journalist on what we can expect from Iran's foreign policy in the New Year. Report on a recent Paris conference about Iranian prisoners.

Roundtable hosts satirist and writer Assad Moznabi on Iran and Norouz.

Late Edition reports more on this week's Rand Corp. conference.