NewsTalk examines Iran, its neighbors and regional relations. Recent Baghdad conference. Panelists include National Endowment for Democracy Fellow Ali Afshari, political analyst Alireza Nourizadeh, Nima Tamadon, Radio Farda (from Iraq), and Safa Haeri, Iran Press Service, from Paris.

News & Views features a live report from the United Nations and the latest sanctions resolution on Iran. Congressional report on Zhalmay Khalizad's confirmation hearings to be the next US ambassador to the UN. "Inside Iran" interview on the arrest of striking teachers. Package interview with Erica Barks-Ruggles, Asst. Secy of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, on the recently released State Department's 2006 Annual Human Rights report. Original package from correspondent Nazzy Beglari on an Iraqi Kurd who came to America at aged 15, eventually became a Hollywood filmmaker, went back to Iraq after the fall of Saddam and is now living in Kurdistan and is making documentaries in his home country.

Maziar Jobrani joins Roundtable from Los Angeles to discuss Iranian American actors in Hollywood. Jobrani is a young Iranian actor & comedian, who has appeared in various TV series and movies (West Wing, ER, Law & Order, The Interpreter, 13 going 30, and others)

Late Edition examines the Halliburton corporation decision to move to Dubai and what it says about the shifting priorities of the oil and gas industry. Original report from Los Angeles on local Chaharshanbeh Suri celebrations.