Newstalk: After a brief review of today's headline news, Vafa Mostaghim of VOA host of today's program together with his guests will review and examine, US Foreign policy during last week. Today's guests include, Siamak Dehghanpour of VOA in studio/DC, Ahmad Vahdat-Khah, writer & journalist from London, via polycom and Shayan Samii Professor of Political science phoner from Los Angeles. 

News & Views: Anooshiravan Kangarloo of VOA talks about today's headline news in detail and reviews & discusses the latest news on President Bush's trip to Latin American Countries. Setareh Derakhshesh of VOA who is travelling with president Bush's Press Core, via phone reports from "Montevideo Uruguay". Also todays's Participating guests & contributors are: Prince Reza Pahlavi in Studio/DC, Dr. Ali Reza Nourizadeh,Independent Journalist via phone from London.

Roundtable: In today's RoundTable , Bijan Farhoodi of VOA host of the program, reviews & examines the lates Hollywood Movie called "300", which has caused so much contravercy in Iran. Today's participating guests are: Reza Badyii Famous Iranian Hollywood Director, who talks about the political & artistic aspects of this movie via polycom/Los Angeles & Dr. Touraj Daryaee, Iranian Historian/ Via phone from southern California, talks about the true historical facts of the story that this movie was based on.

LateEdition: After a brief review of today's headline news, Behnood Mokri of VOA, host of the Program talks to Ex Iranian Admiral, "Houshang Aryanpour" in studio/DC, about the Persian Gulf.