NewsTalk examines terrorism and the Islamic Republic/update on 1994 bombing in Argentina. Panelists include Ali Afshari student activist, Alireza Nourizadeh, political analyst and Safa Haeri, journalist, Iran Press Service.

News & Views reports on the latest developments on the international community's efforts to contain Iran's nuclear enrichment program. The Washington Post is reporting that the missing fmr. Iranian deputy defense minister Ali Rez Asgari is cooperating with Western intelligence sources. We discuss this development with political analyst Alireza Nourizadeh. Inside Iran segment features interviews with three Iranian women involved in recent protests. New York correspondent Nazzy Beglari interviews UNHCR Director for Iraq, Abeer Ettefa on the refugee situation and in particular, its impact on women.

Roundtable hosts Mahnaz Afkhami, women's rights activist and Iranian Minister of Women's Affairs (pre-Revolution), on International Women's Day.

Late Edition features many stories tied to International Women's Day including females in the U.S. military and those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. The history and significance of the day is explained. The plight of women in Iran and young girls in India.