News talk examines the nuclear and political climate in Iran; Ahmadinejad defies UN Security Council deadline on Iran's nuclear program. Panelists include Sohrab Sobhani, Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University, energy consultant and Homa Sarshar, freelance journalist.

News & Views leads with Iran's refusal to stop its enrichment program despite today's UN Security deadline. Live reaction from State Department official Alberto Fernandez. "Inside Iran" report on Iranian war games and press roundup. Nazzy Beglari report on the UN & Iran's nuclear program, featuring an interview with IAEA spokeswoman Melissa Fleming. Interview with Dr. Ali Granmayeh, a professor and fellow in Middle East Studies at London University on Iran's defiance of UN sanctions deadline.

Roundtable's guest today is Kami Asgar, an Iranian-American sound editor who has been nominated for an Oscar for his work on Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto". His film credits also include "The Passion of the Christ". We discuss his work in Hollywood and the upcoming Oscar awards ceremony.

Late Edition interviews University of Maryland professor Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak about the UN's International Mother Language Day.