News talk: Update on Iran's nuclear issues with Dr. Rasool Nafisi, Professor of Sociology, Strayer University, Nasser Mohammadi writer and journalist, Kayhan-London, and Elahe Boghrat, freelance journalist

News & Views reports on Ahmadinejad's offer to stop Iran's nuclear enrichment program if the West offers the same. Will include U.S. reaction. Iraq's shadow looms over '08 presidential campaign. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice continues her Middle East trip in Jordan today where she meets with King Abdullah. Latest developments from Afghanistan. Phoner with Paris stringer Mr. Shahid on the two year anniversary of the assassination of fmr. Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Roundtable examines the use of extraterritorial assassinations by the Islamic Republic of Iran as a means of suppressing dissent. We'll also discuss the state of human rights among Iran's various ethnicities. Our guest is Ms Nasrin Ghasemloo, widow of the late Dr. Abdolrahman Ghasemloo, a Kurdish leader who was slain in Vienna by agents of the Islamic Republic.