Newstalk: After a brief review of today's headline news,Vafa Mostaghim of VOA host of today's program together with his guests will review and examine, US Foreign policy during last week. Today's guests include, Siamak Dehghanpour of VOA in studio, Nasser Mohammadi of Keyhan Weekly in London,via polycom and Shayan Samii Political analyst via phone from Vancouver/Canada.

News & Views: Anooshiravan Kangarloo of VOA talks about today's headline news in detail and together with his guests reviews highlights of secretary Rice's trip to the region. In this discussion participating guests are, Dr. Bahman Aghai Diba of Strayer University & political analyst in studio, Dr. Ali Reza Nourizadeh, Independent Journalist on the phone from London/UK and Mohammad Reza Shaid of VOA from Paris/France via phone talks about the latest news by French news agencies on IRAN.

Roundtable: In today's program, Hamideh Aramideh of VOA host of the program talks about ancient Iranian (Persian) festivities (Festivals) and together with her guest Bahram Bahrami, Iranian author, translator and Archeologist looks at one of the oldest Persian Festivals, during which five days of the year was dedicated to honor Women and let them rest during that time.

Late Edition: After a brief review of today's headline news, Behnood Mokri of VOA, host of the program talks to his guests,Mohammad Nasseripour, Iranian Architect in studio and Parisa Defayee Iranian actress via polycom from Los Angeles.