NewsTalk: Today’s topic is the Iranian Revolution: its effect on Iran's foreign policy and economy with Sohrab Sobhani (studio/DC), Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University & Energy Consultant; Homa Sarshar (polycom/Los Angeles), Freelance Journalist; Victoria Azad (phoner/Sweden), Political Activist

News and Views: -Washington Report covers the U.S. administration’s reaction to the Iranian diplomat who was seized in Iraq. -Siamak Dehghanpour covers Condoleezza Rice testifying before the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Relations Committee on the 2008 Foreign Affairs Budget. -Nazzy Beglari reports on a new Human Rights Watch Report. -Anchor Setareh Dereakhshesh does today’s Inside Iran interview, which is with Khosrow Seif, the head of the Mellat Iran Party, the largest opposition group in Iran. He tells her that nuclear energy is Iran’s right. In addition he says there is no transparency in Iran and if there were democracy it would be advantageous. He also expresses support for negotiations with the US and says the Iranian government is not working in the best interests of the Iranian people.

Roundtable: -For the first half hour of today’s show Ahmad Baharloo hosts Congressman Mark Kirk, Republican of Illinois. Now in his third term, Congressman Kirk is a member of the powerful House Appropriations Committee and serves on three of its subcommittees: Foreign Operations, Military Quality of Life and Veterans Affairs, and Science, State, Justice and Commerce and is a co-founder of Congress’s Iran working group. He has called for legislation to ask the United Nations to open a war crimes investigation on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Kirk, who is a Naval Reserve intelligence officer who continues to serve one weekend a month in the Pentagon, has said that a military strike in Iran is not a good option because the nuclear structure there is too wide. Instead, Kirk he recommended a gasoline quarantine because Iran depends on foreign sources for 60 percent of its oil supply. Our viewers will have the opportunity to talk to Rep. Kirk directly via telephone and e-mail. -The second half of today’s show will look at the Iranian Economy with Dr. Siamak Shojaie from NY.

Late Edition: Hosts Ali Afshari, former Iranian student activist, to discuss the Hellman/Hammett prize he has just won. He is one of seven Iranian writers to whom Human Rights Watch has given this award. 45 writers from 22 countries were given this year’s award that recognizes writers globally who have been victims of political persecution.