Newstalk examines Iran, Russia and the U.S. with Babak Yektafer, Editor-in-Chief, Washington Prism, Shayan Samii, Chairman of the Iranian-American Republican Council and Mehran Barati, researcher, University of Berlin.

News & Views reports on French President Jacques Chirac's remarks and retraction about a nuclear Iran. Phoner from Paris stringer. A live report from Capitol Hill on the newly released National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq. News report from Afghanistan on the U.S. using a former Taliban compound.

Continuing Roundtable's ongoing series on the 28 year anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, we host Iranian Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi on his recollections of the events surrounding the Revolution, the abdication of Mohammad Reza Shah and the impact it has had on the country 28 years later.

Late Edition reports on a recent congressional forum hosted by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) on Iran, "Engagement and Diplomacy, Alternatives to Preemption."