Newstalk examines Iran's budget and economic problems and Iran's continued involvement in Iraq with Dr. Rasool Nafisi, Professor of Sociology, Strayer University, Nasser Mohammadi, writer/journalist, Kayhan-London and Mr. Reza Baygon, Professor, Paris University.

News & Views reports on a recent NPR interview with President Bush saying the U.S. will "respond firmly" if Iran escalates military operations in Iraq. A live report from correspondent Nazzy Beglari in Irbil, Iraq. Original interview with National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe on U.S.-Iran relations. A live report from Capitol Hill where confirmation hearings are underway for John Negroponte to be Deputy Secretary of State and Adm. William Fallon to be chief of U.S. Central Command.

Veteran journalist and former correspondent for Deutsche Weil, Hossein Farraji, will join Roundtable in our on going series on the legacy of the Islamic Revolution. Farraji was a correspondent in Iran before, during and after the Revolution. We will also examine currents events in U.S.-Iranian relations including Iran's recent announcement of its intentions in Iraq as well as an original interview with NSC spokesman Gordon Johndroe.

Late Edition features a package interview with veteran journalist Stanly Meisler on his new biography of former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan.