NewsTalk examines the new Sivand Dam and Iran's cultural heritage with Dr. Bahram Bahramian, Chairman, Center of Tehnology Management, Faramarz Farazadeh, writer and journalist and Shokoh Mirzadeghi.

News & Views reports on Iran's growing influence in Iraq. In a wide ranging interview with The New York Times, the Iranian ambassador to Iraq outlines his country's intention for increased economic and military ties with Iraq. U.S. response. Vice President's interview with Newsweek magazine. Suicide bombing in Israel. Violence among Palestinian factions continue.

Roundtable examines the suppression of religion and ancient persian history under the current Islamic regime. Our guests include archeologist Dr. Shaahin Espahbodi and Bahram Bahrami, a Zoroastrian scholar. Hamideh Aramideh guest hosts.

Late Edition examines the emerging Democrat field for '08 and its ethnic diversity.