NewsTalk examines the question: Ahmadinejad - A threat to the World? Or a threat to Iran? Panelists include Babak Yektafer, Editor-in-Chief, Washington Prism, Mehdi Khalaji, Visiting Fellow, Washington Institute for Near East Policy and Kazem Alamdari, Asst. Prof Sociology, California State University.

News & Views reports on the Washington Post's breaking news story on the administration's "kill or capture" order on Iranian operatives in Iraq. Post story on the growing influence of Iran in Iraq. Original package from Siamak Dehganpour on his trip to Centcom in Florida, U.S. policy in Iraq, Iran's involvement in Iraq and training Iraqi forces. Interview with retired General Richard Myers on the administration's new "surge" strategy. Report from France on the Lebanon's donor conference.

Roundtable talks to Dr. Nariaman Farvardin, Dean of the School of Engineering, University of Maryland, about higher education in America and how Iranians can study in America. Journalist Alireza Nourizedeh comments on the Post's "capture or kill" story.

Late Edition reports on recently released poll of Iranians on topics such as U.S.-Iranian relations, Iranian attitudes toward its government's nuclear program and attitudes towards Osama bin Laden.