NewsTalk discusses the political and economic tensions in Iran with Dr. Rasool Nafisi, Professor of Sociology, Strayer University, Nasser Mohammadi, Writer and Journalist, Kayhan and Elahe Boghrat, freelance journalist.

News & Views previews the President's State of the Union address and congressional plans with respect toward Iraq. Latest comments from Press Secretary Tony Snow. Confirmation hearings for the new military commander in Iraq, David Patraeus. Interview with Washington Prism editor Babak Yektafar. Iran says it is still cooperating with the IAEA, the U.N. nuclear watchdog, despite announcing yesterday that it was barring 38 inspectors from working in the country.

This week Roundtable launched its special series on the 28th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. Today we examine the impact of Islamic fundamentalism on the politics and culture of Iran with Dr. Mehdi Aminrazavi, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion and Director of the Center for Asian Studies at Mary Washington College. We will also preview the State of the Union address.

Late Edition explains the State of the Union address, its history and political significance.