News Talk examines human rights in Iran with Roya Tolouei, human rights activist; Elahe Hicks, Radio Farda; and Ahmad Wahdatkhah, Independent Journalist.

News & Views reports on President Bush's recent interview with USA Today. Latest from Iraq – violence & US politicians talk about new Bush policy. Washington Report – Iran Nuclear program; Nicholas Burns says US must confront Iran, Rice comments on Iran. Iran news: military maneuvers near Tehran; 2 Iranians detained in Iraq. Phoner with Dr. Houshang Hassan-Yari, Professor and Head of Politics and Economics Department Professor of international relations (military and strategic issues) at Royal Military College of Canada on the maneuvers, Ahmadinejad’s Sunday speech to parliament in which he discussed Iran’s budget; inflation in Iran. Phoner with Mr. Mohammad Shahid on the EU conference in Brussels.

Roundtable begins with an interview with Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) on U.S. foreign policy in Iran and Iraq. Later we talk to Georgetown professor Dr. Merhdad Mashayekhi on the sociological changes in Iranian cities after the Islamic Revolution.

Late Edition examines on a new report from the New America Foundation, on the United States' role and influence globally.