News Talk discusses Execution of Iranian Arabs and the case of Taghi Rahmani, an Iranian freelance journalist who was arrested as he was leaving the country to accept a PEN association freedom of expression award. Our guests are Babak Yektafer, Editor-in-Chief, Washington Prism, Hossein Bagherzadeh, Human rights activist/commentator and Mashalla Shamsol-Vaezin, Spokesman, Association for Defending Freedom of Press

News & Views reports on several Iranian newspaper editorials condemming Ahmadinejad's actions on Iran's nuclear program and how its harming the country. New York Times reports that the Supreme Leader is displeased with Ahmadinejad and is sending signals that the President should end his involvement with the country's nuclear program. A report from France where the French Interior minister is meeting with the IAEA's Mohammad El-Baradai where Iran's nuclear program is on the agenda. Live report from the House Foreign Affairs Committee where Lee Hamilton is testifying regarding the Baker-Hamilton Commission report on Iraq.

Roundtable examines the corruption of the music industry, free expression and the stifling of culture under the Islamic Republic with musician Sattar.

Late Edition reports with an original package on the plight of Iranian Kurdish refugees in Iraq.