Newstalk examines Iranian domestic and foreign policy; Ahmadinejad's trip to Latin America with Ali Afshari, student activist, Alireza Nourizadeh, Political Analyst and Safa Haeri, Journalist, Iran Press Service.

News & Views reports on the brewing battle between Congress and the White House over Iraq. Phoner with Council on Foreign Relations Fellow Vali Nasr. Live report from Congress where the House Foreign Relations Committee is holding hearings on Iraq and a bipartisan group of House members are introducing a joint resolution requiring congressional approval before any use of force against Iran is executed. New York correspondent interview with the editor of The Gulf Today, PV Vivkanand, from the UAE, discusses the revival of Iran's export of its revolutionary ideology across the region and its implications for U.S.-Iranian relations.

Roundtable talks to sports analyst Ali Sarshar to discuss the American delegation of wrestlers in Iran and its implications for U.S. public diplomacy.

Late Edition profiles the International Center for Journalists new online program for Iranian journalists. The Farsi language website is designed to connect journalists with one another and to provide training opportunities. Package interview with the site's manager, Fariba Amini. Live interview with student activist Amir Abbas Fahkaravar discussing social issues in Iran.