Newstalk: Payam Yazdian of VOA briefly reviews today's headline news and Jamshid Charlengi of VOA host of today's program together with his guests review and examine the relationship between Iran. & United States, ramifications of president Bush's speech in Iran, the division it has caused between Iranian leaders and secretary Rice's trip to the Middle East. Today's guests include, Dr. Cyrus Amoozgar, Journalist & Writer from Paris via polycom, Dr. Mehrdad Khonsari ex Iranian diplomat and political analyst from London via polycom and Dr. Mohssen Sazgara, political analyst from Harvard university in studio.

News & Views: Anooshiravan Kangarloo of VOA talks about today's headline news in detail and reviews secretary Rice's trip to Middle East. Today's in studio guest Dr.Morteza Anvari, Plitical analyst from Strayer university together with Dr. Ali Reza Nourizadeh, Independent Journalist on the phone from London/UK, and Mohammad Reza Shahid of VOA via phone from Paris talks about the Presidential candidate in France.

Roundtable: Bijan Farhoodi of VOA and his guest, Dr. Mohammad Hafezi of MIT's Iran Study Group, talks about status of the Iranian students in USA and Brain Drain in Iran.

Late Edition: After a brief review of the headline news, Luna Shad of VOA host of the program, talks to Sam Amir-Ebrahimi of VOA regarding the latest Economic news.