NewsTalk briefly reviews today's headline news and Vafa Mostaghim of VOA host of today's program together with his guests will review and examine the 2006, United States foreign policy towards Iran.Today's guests include, Siamak Dehghanpour of VOA in studio, Dr. Shireen Hunter, political analyst & director of the Islam Program at CSIS, in studio, and Nasser Mohammadi of Keyhan Weekly in London, via polycom.

News & Views leads with today’s headline news and reviews the life and death of the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hossein, his execution and the reaction of the world leaders. Dr. Ali Reza Nourizadeh, Independent Journalist on the phone from London/UK, Nazzy Beglari of VOA, via phone from UN in New York and Mohammad Reza Shahid  of VOA, via phone from Paris express their opinions on the Execution of Saddam Hussein.

Roundtable talks about Iran's greatest Novelist in the 20th century," Sadegh Hedayat".  Today's guest, Mashallah Adjoodani is an Iranian Historian.

Late Edition leads with a brief review of the headline news, Behnood Mokri of VOA,  host of the program talks to his guest "Moslem Mansoori". Movie Director and Film maker while Hamed Behravan of VOA, reviews the most important scientific findings of 2006 specially Internet and alternative fuel and Dr. Vahid Behravan M.D. of VOA reviews the most significant Medical discoveries of  2006.