Newstalk: Payam Yazdian of VOA briefly reviews today's headline news and Jamshid Chaharlengi of VOA host of today's program together with his guests will review and examine the UN resolution against Iran and reaction of the Iranian leaders and members of the parliament in Iran. Today's guests include, Dr. Bahman Aghai Diba Political Analyst, in studio, Dr. Fereydoon Khavan, Economic analyst from Paris/Via phone and Nasser Mohammadi, Editor of Keyhan weekly in London, Via polycom from London.

News & Views: Setareh Derakhshesh of VOA will talk about today's headline news in detail and discusses the latest developments on the UN resolution regarding sanctions against IRAN & Dr. Bahman Aghai Diba Political analyst analyzes the situation. Also in studio, Bijan Farhoodi of VOA participate in today's discussion on the Sanctions against Iran and Sam Amir-Ebrahimi of VOA on set has an economic report on the reduction of Iran's oil export.

Roundtable: Ramesh Rasekh of VOA and his guest Dr. Hormoz Hekmat, political analyst and Chief Editor of a Farsi periodical called "Iran Nameh" will discuss the "Iran from the point of view of the west".

Late Edition: After a brief review of the head line news, Luna Shad of VOA, host of the program will discuss the Iranian Folk Dance and has an interesting package on this subject.